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Growing Healthy podcast

Oct 27, 2017

Hi, Dr. Alicia Power here, and we are lucky enough to have Natasha and Kelsey from West Coast Sleep Consultants join us on Growing Healthy today. They are going to give us a quick primer on common sleep concerns in the first few years of life.  We will get to that right after this quick reminder. 

Welcome Natasha and Kelsey, so excited that you could come and speak with me today. Sleep is so important for both children and their parents, and yet it is such a challenging topic for so many families out there!  Can we start by learning a bit about both of you and how you ended up being Sleep Consultants, and what you feel your role is in helping families sleep? 

1. Sleep props
 - What is a sleep prop? (good and bad, and why)
 - When is it okay to use a sleep prop?
2. Sleep Training
 - what is it?
 - when is a good time to sleep train?
 - benefits of having a consultant?
3. Toddler Sleep
 - Bedtimes & normal sleep amounts?
 - when to drop the nap?