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Growing Healthy podcast

Oct 22, 2017

AP:Well Maria....last time we spoke about preparing for what about when you actually are pregnant!!! 
MK:  Well that is what we are talking about today...just after this quick reminder!

MK: So....where to start....mmm Iove food...what can we eat...and what should we avoid during pregnancy? 

AP: Well in Canada we have pretty good food safety laws but if you want to be really safe we generally recommend fish and meats being properly cooked, avoiding deli meats (cured meats are fine if properly cooked) and making sure cheese is pasteurized.  

MK: now i need a bit of pep in my step in the mornings...what about caffeine...

AP: a bit of caffeine is fine...1-2 coffee or tea a day is just fine, and also helps to keep those bowels moving...which can get a bit sluggish in pregnancy.  But we should avoid pop or juice...try to stick to water and milk for your beverages.  You want to try to keep weight gain to a reasonable amount....

MK: 15-25 lbs if you start at a healthy weight is what we are shooting for....

AP: now a pediatrician...what is your recommendation for alcohol, smoking and drugs?

MK: well we certainly emphasize risk reduction...and unfortunately we can not be 100% sure on all the answers but we certainly do know that.....
What about prescription medications in pregnancy???

AP: certainly prescription medications need to be reviewed on an individual basis, and you should certainly review these with your care provider prior to becoming pregnant if possible, or as early as possible during the pregnancy.  If you do not need a medication it is probably best to not take it during pregnancy, but if a medication keeps you or your disease stable, then certainly have a discussion with your care provider sooner rather than later!

MK: we both like to exercise, what are the recommendations during pregnancy? 

AP: anything you have been doing fine to keep doing.  may need to modify as time goes on.  Aim for at least 3-4 days a week for 30-45 min.  Certain conditions which health care provider may want you to modify your activity.  
Maria...when did you first see your prenatal care provider...

MK: well I was under the impression that you should reach out to your care provider as soon as you find out you are pregnant...the earlier you see them the better.  It is great if you can touch base with them somewhere between 6-10 weeks pregnant.  Generally they will order some screening bloodwork, get a dating ultrasound, and review options for prenatal screening - which is testing, that a couple can choose to do, to look at the risk of having a baby with a chromosomal abnormality such as down syndrome.  Not every woman decides to do this, but the testing is started around 10 weeks so it is nice to have the discussion before this point should you with to!

Breast Tenderness: this is a positive sign of pregnancy, but can be more than annoying!  make sure you have a good supportive bra, and you may want to sleep with a sports bra.  Make sure to tell your partner what you are you may not want them to go near that area for a bit!!  

Nausea: another good sign that you are pregnant...but annoying....some things you can try at home include eating small bits throughout the day...we tend to crave carbohydrates, but proteins are a good choice.  There is an organic Gravol Ginger lozenge that can help, Sea Bandz are also a good option.  Vitamin B6 10 mg three times a day is part of one of the medications (Diclectin) that we often prescribe to help. 

Bloating is caused by increased progesterone, which is important in the support of early pregnancy.  This pregnancy also causes loosening of our sphincters leading to more gas!! so watch out!  not much to do about this....

Fatigue: the first trimester can be pretty tiring, your body is going through a lot of changes to help support the growing fetus.  Give yourself a break!  you will get some more energy in the second trimester.  Take some time to rest when you are able, go to bed early and allow your cute little baby to grow!  Dont' be too hard on yourself...these first few weeks can be pretty tough!
Gravol Ginger Lozenge
Vitamin B6 50 mg
Sea Band Bracelet
Prenatal Vitamin (inexpensive)
Sleep/Nursing Bra