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Growing Healthy Podcast

Oct 27, 2017

Hi, Dr. Alicia Power here, and we are lucky enough to have Natasha and Kelsey from West Coast Sleep Consultants join us on Growing Healthy today. They are going to give us a quick primer on common sleep concerns in the first few years of life.  We will get to that right after this quick reminder. 

Welcome Natasha and...

Oct 27, 2017

Help!! my son has horrible eczema.  he is 5 years old and if flares for no obvious reason.  we use the steroid cream prescribed, which helps...but then it comes back when we stop.  What can we do to treat it?  is there something that might be triggering it?  The poor guy is so itchy when it there...

Oct 22, 2017

AP:Well Maria....last time we spoke about preparing for what about when you actually are pregnant!!! 
MK:  Well that is what we are talking about today...just after this quick reminder!

MK: So....where to start....mmm Iove food...what can we eat...and what should we avoid during pregnancy? 

AP: Well...

Oct 22, 2017


Dr. Kang and Dr. Power take care of both pregnant women and their babies....but we gotta start somewhere!  Are you thinking of getting pregnant....Well this is the podcast for you!!

Generally women and their partners have quite a few questions about how to get their pregnancy off to the healthiest start! ...

Oct 22, 2017

MK - Alicia, we both get to field alot of questions about babies.  Let's do a listener question:

AP - Dr. Kang and Dr. Power, my baby just turned 4 months old and my mom is telling me to start rice cereal already.  This seems really young to me.  When should I start trying out solids, and what should I start with.  I...